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Sat Jun 17,2017 08:11 AM

so, how are we going to do this thing? HL Bio and HL Psych students are fucked
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Sat Jun 17,2017 09:40 AM

We should contact the IBO. If enough people complain about this, its possible that they will make some changes
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Mon Jun 19,2017 08:44 PM

Not to tear anyone down here, but why would they do this? May 2017 schedule was the same - HL Physics and HL Psychology students went through this exact scenario, yet the timetable wasn't reconsidered?
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Wed Jun 28,2017 06:56 PM

Bio HL and Psych HL students, that's 6.5 hours in one day. I think we should complain about this!
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Tue Sep 26,2017 11:57 AM

Honestly it's ridiculous, two of the subjects that take the most memorisation on one day is horrible

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