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Fri Jun 9,2017 07:58 AM

Admittedly, 3 months ago, I wanted to just do SL Math. But I've realized more how much I enjoy math and would make good use of it in my future studies, so I decided to do HL instead. How much should I do over the summer to have a decent first week and not feel like I should just drop within that time? I know you can't really "prepare" for assessments in HL, but for now I just want to focus on having a half decent start. I know I'll probably get slammed regardless initially, but just anything to make it a little better, y'know.
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Mon Jul 16,2018 06:59 AM

Hi Chris,
I am also taking HL maths next year. Right now I am just going through the first few chapters of my textbook, making notes and doing those questions. You can also go on YouTube, there are lots of really good videos on HL maths.
I hope this is helpful :)

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