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Sat May 20,2017 06:21 PM

Hi everyone I just got this app as I am nearing the end of the MYP

I am really freaked out by making course choices and the IB as a whole. Could you guys give me some advice before I solidify my choices. As it is I am going to be taking.

HL Physics
HL Geo
HL English A LIT
SL Math
Spanish AB
SL Economics
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Sat May 20,2017 07:51 PM

I wouldn't take Geography HL ... i regret taking it ... you have to really like geography ... i hated those classes and I would have taken Maths HL if I knew (but oh well too late lol)... I took also history HL and history is way better compared to geo ... but everything depends on your interests and future plans ... :)
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Sat May 20,2017 09:23 PM

Thanks so much:) that's good to know but I'm really hesitant because I have been taking geo for the past 3 years and I have liked it but many people have advised me against it
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Sat May 20,2017 10:46 PM

I really wouldn't ... i found history easier than geo ... and like the options for paper 2 are horrible and so boring ... and paper 1 and paper 3 are alright but still ... depends on you ... :) if you don't need it I would go maybe for another and better subject :)
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Sun May 21,2017 12:47 AM

I hated geography as well
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Sun May 21,2017 01:34 AM

In my opinion, HL Geo is alright, it's fun for me in terms of what you learn, I did badly at first but in terms of IB, you just need to try and learn the command terms and make sure you understand stand things as you go. I struggled at first in the class but after spending time to understand the course it ain't that bad ^_^
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Tue May 23,2017 06:35 PM

I recommend choosing subjects relevant to what you want to study at university; or subjects that keep career options open. I hear HL physics compliments well with HL math... Best of luck man.

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