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Thu May 18,2017 11:36 AM

I'm currently doing my Econ Macro IA, and have a few articles in mind, but not sure especially one in particular whether it would be accepted or not. I'm aware that the article should have some economic content to discuss, but should not contain any/ too much analysis.

In this case, the article that I've selected is only 2 paragraphs long. It basically says "The President of Country X has decided to lower interest rates in hopes to reduce the inflation, which has previously negatively affected the Country X's currency".

Is this article appropriate?
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Thu May 18,2017 12:49 PM

i think you'll be fine. just make sure in those 2 paragraphs there is enough stuff you can directly quote and analyse. but yes this sounds like an ideal article. you can look at SR/LR effects, and alternative methods to combat inflation. lots of juicy diagrams

are you sure its the president though? normally interest rates are handles by the monetary bank - independent of politics. i could be wrong with this country.

if you want to check out what makes a perfect commentary i suggest checking out my book ;)

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Thu May 18,2017 01:12 PM

Are you going for a Macro or International commentary?

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