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Wed May 17,2017 10:34 AM

Hi, the first draft of my econ IA is supposed to be sent in in two weeks, but I can't find any articles (macro) to use. Where am I supposed to look??
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Wed May 17,2017 11:20 AM

I'd google search by topics you like - I did this and it helped a lot, it made the whole thing so enjoyable! E.g. I really love fiscal policy in Macro, so I die-hard searched articles that were focused on that, because I knew that's what I'd have fun writing about and could offer some unique insight on. If you're stuck, I'd recommend going with what you like, even as a first source of inspiration! :)
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Wed May 17,2017 06:03 PM

Look for articles on inflation in the U.K. And China

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