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Sun May 14,2017 01:50 PM

Hey! So I just picked SL History as my course for the IB. I know it's not a popular course (most people take HL) - atleast for my school. But i was wondering if anyone who took SL can give me some advice/tips ?
Thank you so much<3
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Tue May 16,2017 09:37 AM

Have a strong opinion. Even if your essay is lacking in technique and details, but it has something interesting about it, it's gonna get better marks than those that feel like they were copied out of a textbook.
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Thu May 18,2017 12:00 PM

I'm taking History SL, it's a really interesting course in my opinion. Always read the stuff you're assigned and make sure to clarify events as much as you can. Sometimes your teacher can make SL and HL really similar, that's what mine does. And I agree with the comment above. You're always allowed to have your own interpretation. For paper 1, just suck it up and power through. But paper 2 you should read the rubric thoroughly and understand what you do to get good higher marks :>

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