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Thu May 11,2017 05:29 AM

Ok, so you may not have heard about this, since it is fairly new. But it seems like AP is trying to be a competitor to IB by making an AP International Diploma and AP Capstone. Two different things. AP International Diploma is an International Diploma but with AP classes, and to get it you have to fulfil an amount of required AP classes. AP Capstone requires you to do 4 AP classes and AP Seminar and AP Research. The requirements to graduate AP Research is a 4000 word research essay. You can do them both if you wanted to. So, what is your opinions on this?
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Sun May 14,2017 02:47 AM

my school is implementing AP capstone next year & im a little worried because it kinda seems like they're trying to phase out our already under-budgeted IB program
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Sat Nov 18,2017 04:52 PM

I think ur info is a little jumbled, ap capstone is just another regular ap class, except it's split into 2 years. In the first year you can do ap seminar and then u can do ap research. Together this is called capstones. It's basically just a research class. You don't even have to do both you could for example only do ap seminar. If you want, you can then try to get what's called the capstone diploma, which recognizes u did both levels of the research course but they only give it to u if u took 4 other ap classes as well. To make it short, it's literally nothing like ib it's simply another ap class they made. And honestly u can't compare the contents of the 2 courses to what u do in EE they're nothing alike

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