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Sun Apr 16,2017 11:07 AM

Hey guys and girls, I'm Alexander Zouev, author of 45 Tips, Tricks and Secrets For the Successful IB student (

Feel free to ask any questions here regarding pre-IB matters (subject choice, IB v A-Level, IB fear...)
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Sun Apr 16,2017 12:34 PM

Is courses worse than the full diploma
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Mon Apr 17,2017 07:51 AM

@NRBW not sure what you mean. if you take the certificate and individual courses, then yes, you will not obtain the 'full' diploma. whether this is 'worse' depends on what your goals and aims are. i know a lot of american students enjoy doing courses to gain college credits, however they don't want to put up with TOK and the EE stuff that the full diploma entails, so they pursue IB certificates.
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Fri Apr 21,2017 09:01 PM

I'm going into IB in the fall, I've been doing pre IB courses for the past 4 years, what is the best advice for entering IB students?

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