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Wed Apr 27,2016 05:01 PM

Hi guys and girls, we just wanted to say thank you for downloading our app and registering. We hope that this app is a game-changer in how IB students find and interact with each other. We realized a long time ago that there was not enough communication between better-established IB schools and new, smaller, inexperienced IB schools - and as a result, the former had access to better and more information. We wanted to bridge that gap in knowledge and give every student an opportunity to succeed.

We will be the first to admit that yes, the app is not (yet) perfect. But it does the basics pretty damn well, and we will be constantly improving it. Your suggestions and improvements are always welcome. We want smartib to be the first thing (well, after facebook and instagram) students check when they wake up if they have any question about homework, IAs or exams. We will work tirelessly to try to get everyone in the IB community on board with our mission statement

In return, we ask that you help us spread the word and contribute to the forum. We really need to reach the majority of IB kids out there, and as much of an effort we make with instagram or facebook or twitter; ultimately it is a massive task. So if you could pitch in and just spread the word as much as you can within your school and other IB schools in the district that would be great.

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