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Wed Mar 15,2017 10:37 AM

Are we suppose
to include the picture of our final work in the portfolio as well? Because my art teacher told me it's required but some students from other ib schools have not included it as it should include only the process.
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Tue Apr 18,2017 04:08 PM

In our school we were told not to put images of our final work! only WIP
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Tue Apr 18,2017 07:55 PM

Hah! see I knew it! guess my teacher's wrong then.
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Wed May 3,2017 12:30 AM

I've had two different art teachers in my school tell me two different things. Past students told me it doesn't harm you either way but seeing as you're presenting the final work in your exhibition I'd play it safe and only include WIP in your portfolio
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Thu Sep 7,2017 01:49 AM

I'm late but! My teacher told me not to but I did put them to show a timeline of how the work developed and they told me it was alright
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Thu Sep 14,2017 11:05 AM

You can put pictures of finished exhibition work in your process portfolio but they have to be labeled as "resolved work".
It's a new thing they changed for this may.

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