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Mon Feb 27,2017 09:14 PM

Hi guys and girls,
As you probably know, we are constantly trying to update the app and make it more useful for IB students. At the moment we are testing out our tagging feature (tagging users in posts, so you know when someone referred to you in a reply even if it isn't you original post) and also attaching photos as replies (we realized this will be important when students discuss math / physics / past paper questions).

We want to clean up the app a bit before pressing ahead with our other big updates (see below), so we wanted to ask you if there is anything that really bothers you about the app? any glitches? bugs? something annoying in the interface? please comment below!

This is what we have planned to include in future app updates:
- Inbox and groupchat feature (create a studygroup, or inbox users privately) - this is the next big update
- RESOURCES - a section in the app where you can browse a wide library of past papers / ebooks / past student work. This is in the plans but it requires a lot of work regarding copyright / getting IB off our back
- interactive math formula books in the app - so you can search what you need, or just access the pdfs
- schedule maker - a nice simple tool so you can rebuild you school classroom schedule so you can just look at it in the app
- a live general chatroom. basically a place where you can just chat live to any other students who happen to be on smartib at the time.
- searching for users by school name
- and some more stuff we want to keep a surprise ;)

So please help us make this app even better! comment below with your thoughts!
smartib team
Maria Makhlouf
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Wed Mar 1,2017 02:34 PM

To the smartib team,

First of all thank you so much for creating this app. Within the first few hours of getting it I already found it very useful and efficient!!

Honestly, all the mentioned updates are perfect and will really push forward this app.

I thought maybe you can add an option for registering your own school that may not be in the list provided, (in my case the school Brummana High School isn't found). And if it's possible to edit/delete a post once you've replied to someone.

Other than that, I love the app.

Thank you!
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Wed Mar 1,2017 09:57 PM

@Maria Makhlouf i've just added your school to the database, you can change to it now if you edit your profile. if anyone is reading this and your SCHOOL or SUBJECT is missing, just email us and we will add it
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Thu Mar 2,2017 06:31 AM

@smartibapp @haniabar our school The British School Warsaw is also missing!
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Thu Mar 2,2017 08:37 AM

just added "British School of Warsaw" to the database :) @juliadabrowska @haniabar
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Fri Mar 3,2017 06:21 AM

@smartibapp thanks!
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Sun Mar 5,2017 10:40 AM

@juliadabrowska @smartibapp omg tagging works!!
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Thu Mar 30,2017 12:27 AM

@smartibapp my school is missing as well, it is St John's School from Argentina
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Sat May 6,2017 02:13 PM

I seem to not be able to add people to a group chat... any idea what the problem could be?
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Thu Dec 7,2017 11:34 AM

@smartibapp Quick question: I’m in the first IB graduating class at my school, so it’s pretty new and the school isn’t listed. Is there a process of adding a school to the list to choose from?
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Mon Mar 19,2018 09:20 PM

@smartibapp I can't find my school, it's missing

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