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Sat Feb 25,2017 09:46 PM

Hi, I'm interested in psychology but my school doesn't have psychology course. I'd love to write the EE in psychology but I'm afraid that I won't manage because I don't have lessons in this subject (no psychology supervisor either, maybe I could convince one of my teachers). Do you think I should risk psychology or choose another subject, even if it's not something that interests me? Is psychology EE hard to write, especially without proper supervision and psychology lessons? Thanks for any feedback.
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Mon Feb 27,2017 06:32 AM

Generally what my school told us was that we couldn't write our EE in a subject the school didn't offer. Idk how others work but the general idea is that you have to learn the content before you can write your EE (or at least get a broad idea of it anyway). Doing that on top of your subjects is honestly just not worth it, especially for just one essay.
Also, apparently in psychology the marking for EE is really subjective, so if they don't like your topic or essay in general then they'll give you a bad mark (at least that's what I'm told).

Honestly, I wouldn't go for it. It's risky, and if you have to learn content for a whole other subject too then I wouldn't do it.
I'm not saying you couldn't do it, but you don't have a huge amount of time for this essay and your other subjects do eat your time up very quickly, so to save yourself stress I probably wouldn't.

In any case, good luck with your EE, I hope it goes well whatever you choose!
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Mon Feb 27,2017 08:57 AM

Firstly, thanks for your reply. In my school we can write EE in subject we don't take, but only if we find a supervisor.
From what I know, people usually choose a topic that is interesting for them for EE and it's hardly important whether they learnt something connected to it in lessons. So what you told me is pretty surprising, I will have to look it up.
And when it comes to grading, I consider it always subjective. We've been told that sciences are the most subjectively graded and usually get worse grades. But in other subjects it's also hard to predict the grade because it depends on examinator's preferences so I wouldn't really consider it a reason not to choose psychology.
But like you said not having psychology lessons may influence the quality of my work so it's really risky. Maybe I should buy a psychology book for IB and look through it?
Another reason I want to write in psychology is that I'm probably going to study it and if I have to write such a long work I'd like it to be worth something for my future university...
Well, thanks again for your answer, I will definitely take it into account. Thanks for wishing me well, the same goes for you!
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Thu Sep 7,2017 03:57 PM

I am currently writing my EE in psychology and am so thankful I did because I'm rly interested in it making it so much more easy. That being said i do find the feedback and guidance of my psych teacher who is also my supervisor extremely useful! I think writing an EE In a subject you're not invested in makes it 10x harder. Personally I would do it in psychology and maybe ask your online tutor for some feedback and read up a lot by yourself

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