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Sat Jan 14,2017 04:36 PM

Hello everyone! I am taking HL Visual art and my theme is 7 deadly sins. I'm completely stuck for ideas for the final pieces. Any suggestions? The seven deadly sins are pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony, greed, lust and envy. Apparently the IB examiners don't like art that is too obvious in its message but please know that I'm open to any suggestions!
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Mon Feb 27,2017 06:35 AM

Do your comparative essay and choose artists that inspire you for that. It'll help you narrow down the visual elements and aesthetic qualities if you can be inspired by certain other artists, maybe ones who had similar themes as you. Also, when choosing artists, look at a range of different cultures and time periods, just to broaden your horizon
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Wed Aug 30,2017 12:42 AM

@Think about it more abstract or what it brings to your mind, emotions, images... Etc. Love your topics

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