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Sat Dec 17,2016 09:15 PM

Hi! I'm a DP2 student & I take Business HL. Which companies would you suggest for the CUEGIS Question? Thanks in advance!

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Sat Dec 17,2016 11:10 PM

I had my MOCKS this week and my teacher told our class that google was a good company as there is much to elaborate on
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Sun Dec 18,2016 03:17 PM

Facebook is a good one!
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Mon Dec 19,2016 03:55 PM

Thank you for your suggestions!!:)
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Sun Jan 8,2017 03:20 PM

Google and starbucks ! :)
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Wed Mar 8,2017 01:25 PM

I guess you should pick a few different companies, as per my teacher she says that we should thoroughly research on 2 - 3 companies to be on the safe side, as such my recommendations for the companies you should pick are mcdonalds, starbucks and apple. if you need any notes on them, make sure to let me know.
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Thu May 4,2017 02:46 AM

@mikeyk could you send them through to EfeBilgin1999@yahoo.com
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Mon Aug 14,2017 07:27 PM

@mikeyk could u also please send them through to ayaahmed035@gmail.com
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Sun May 13,2018 11:41 AM

@mikeyk could you please send them through to krishtejnani06@gmail.com

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