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Thu Dec 1,2016 07:54 AM

Hey everyone! Can you please help me out with some ideas for Creativity??
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Thu Dec 1,2016 01:10 PM

Learn an instrument or learn to draw
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Thu Dec 1,2016 04:13 PM

You could paint or take pictures and edit them
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Thu Dec 1,2016 08:25 PM

Volunteer at hospital, get a job, do a school activity, start a club at school, start a fundraiser
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Fri Dec 2,2016 03:37 PM

Study a foreign language in extraescolar hours!
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Mon Dec 19,2016 04:04 PM

Art project
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Mon Dec 26,2016 05:42 PM

Participate in your school play/musical
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Wed Dec 28,2016 10:23 AM

I wanted to do photography for my CAS but I wasn't allowed. My coordinator said "you can take photos for *evidence*". :/

But you could do poetry writing, painting or sculpting, making holiday cards for loved ones, learn or develop skills on a certain instrument, learn how to do a type of dance (our school has salsa lessons. We do LA style salsa and it's really easy to pick up if you think you can pick up steps), do extra language lessons, do a podcast, run a blog, do a YouTube page (maybe, haven't tried that one out with the coordinator yet haha). :)

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