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Sun Nov 27,2016 06:21 PM

Is there anybody trying to enter in a Dutch university here? Contact me!
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Sun Nov 27,2016 07:23 PM

Hey! I'm applying to one :)
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Mon Nov 28,2016 09:20 AM

Me too
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Wed Dec 7,2016 11:28 PM

Have you already applied or you'll do it later?
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Mon Dec 19,2016 04:03 PM

Me too
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Fri Feb 17,2017 05:41 PM

Yeah, I applied to 3 dutch unis, got accepted to one and waiting for the other two
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Tue Aug 15,2017 04:57 PM

i'm going in a week! contact me if you need any help with anything
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Sat Apr 14,2018 05:24 PM

What universities are y’all applying to?
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Sun Feb 10,2019 10:31 AM

I have applied to 2 Dutch universities
I am going in Amsterdam
Is anyone else going there?
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Mon Apr 22,2019 08:11 AM

I applied nd got accepted to Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. Is anyone else going there??
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Thu Aug 22,2019 02:46 PM

Hey!! I’m about to start my second year and I want to apply to study medicine in Maastricht. Any help would mean a lot!!

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