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Fri Nov 25,2016 10:59 PM

what do you guys think about the idea that certain aspects of the IB, and highschool education in general, are not really compatible with the biblical scriptures and texts that are taught in most religions. for example, TOK suggest we pursue the scientific method to find the truth, and the bible says that noah took all the animals on a boat. i don't understand how one can pursue research and knowledge and still cling on to this notion of god as presented in the main religions. thoughts?
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Sat Nov 26,2016 08:55 AM

its an interesting question, i guess the IBO doesnt really directly address this. but thats probably because so many students are in catholic schools or from muslim majority countries so they dont want to rock that boat
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Sat Nov 26,2016 02:39 PM

the more i think about it and discuss it here, the more i start to see that all religions directly oppose the scientific endeavor. there is no room for god in the classroom
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Sat Nov 26,2016 08:01 PM

Honestly as a believer TOK is an extremely challenging course and i had so many doubts about different aspects of religion but i'm still finding justification for everything
I think it depends on the person and how strongly does he feel about his faith or religion
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Sun Nov 27,2016 04:15 AM

If religion was incorporated in education IB would have to look at all religions because there is such a variety of students that take IB and you couldn't just leave religions out. Teachers would have a hard time making science compatible with every religion so I think it's up to the student to relate their own personal religious knowledge to what their learning and form a connection between them.

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