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Sun Nov 6,2016 09:03 AM

Hey everyone, we have already been asked to think of an EE idea and I've thought about going for Arts. The problem is, our arts teacher is inexperienced and does not bring much inspiration to us (meaning I really don't like how she teaches). Do you guys think this would be a problem that could affect me greatly while doing my EE?
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Mon Nov 7,2016 04:58 PM

I honestly had the same issue. I very badly wanted to write my EE in VA but my teacher is not qualified...
I therefore chose history instead but my best friend chose art.
Our deadline is tonight at midnight and she's very lost because she hasn't received any feedback or comprehensive help from the teacher. In fact, she went to our coordinator for help instead because our art teacher is useless.

Make sure you choose a subject you will enjoy writing 4000 words about (so you don't get bored and slack off) and that you will be able to get enough help and resources. It's vital as it really comes down to the details.

Hope this didn't scare you!
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Mon Feb 13,2017 09:27 AM

I know this is a super late reply but my art teacher is not qualified (she barely speaks English) yet I still did my EE in visual arts. I chose to write about two main artists and focused on one of their most famous works. As long as you know the basic conventions of a formal analysis of an artwork and an essay, and you're interested in it then I think you can do it! By all means.
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Thu Apr 20,2017 01:50 AM

I decided to do it in Spanish Literature, thank you guys!

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