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Fri Oct 28,2016 10:57 PM

My IB class has to make a CAS project (we are all fresh IB juniors, so everything is hardcore and we are still adjusting) and I've come up with an idea: animals
I know that's a very broad topic but I was thinking we do fundraising for an out of country humane organization and probably something like contact the nearest humane society in our area and work with them, however all of this is too broad and I'm out of ideas so I came here (our teacher just showed us about this app) to see if any other fellow IB students had any ideas to add on to what I've got, so anything you could add would be much appreciated :)
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Sat Oct 29,2016 02:08 AM

You can do a for fundraisers or volunteer at animal shelters, zoos, etc. You could also pair up with a local animal adoption shelter and encourage adoption at your school.
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Sat Oct 29,2016 06:22 AM

I am opening a club with 2 of my friends for my CAS project for my Junior Year.

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