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Fri Oct 21,2016 01:06 AM

We were doing logarithms, sequences and series and now we're doing functions.
On the first test out of logs and sequences I got 1.1/10.
Need help T-T
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Fri Oct 21,2016 02:25 PM

I can give you help, I have some materials that can help you for logarithms, sequences and series. You can email me fahimkanji11@gmail. Com. Feel free.
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Fri Oct 21,2016 07:56 PM

Did you try solving from the banks before the quiz ?
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Fri Oct 21,2016 08:12 PM

Maths HL, can be very difficult, especially at the beginning. I'm in year 2 now, and it certainly feels, like one has a better overview. I've got a tutour half way through year 1. It's probably best if you find a teacher in your school who can do that. This + studying a lot and you'll do better!
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Fri Apr 28,2017 08:49 PM

Check out ibmentors.org
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Fri Sep 29,2017 03:24 AM

I might need so worksheets for quadratic functions also I find i absurdly hard. I will need some help with that too

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