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Sat Apr 9,2016 09:34 AM

To keep track of all my CAS projects and reflections I decided to create a tumblr blog dedicated to documenting my experiences, which is super easy and you don't have the added stress of having to hand in reflections to your CAS coordinator or possibly losing handwritten stuff; it's all online! Almost my entire IB class have adopted this method, so I thought I'd share it with you guys and maybe also show some ideas on some "alternative" projects you can do instead of the everyday ones! Here is the link to my cas blog: feel free to check it out and ask questions! How are you guys documenting your CAS experiences? What sort of projects are you organising as part of CAS?
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Sat Apr 9,2016 03:57 PM

our class actually uses edublogs, thanks to our school! it's great and really convenient.
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Sat Apr 9,2016 08:04 PM

our school uses managebac to keep track of our CAS activities and reflections! It's super easy and convenient too!
Patrick Gilvary
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Thu Apr 14,2016 02:15 AM

My school also uses managebac to keep things organized.
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Wed Apr 27,2016 07:17 PM

managebac too, its really good!
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Wed Jun 8,2016 04:08 PM

Managebac is amazing, I think everyone should use it because it's so organized

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