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Fri Oct 14,2016 11:39 PM

I spend about 2-6 hours per week at church volunteering as a media coordinator. I have heard CAS cannot involve anything religious related. Is this true?
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Sat Oct 15,2016 07:25 AM

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Sat Oct 15,2016 12:17 PM

Ive worked in Church as a teacher and according to my supervisor, it cannot be counted as CAS :(
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Sat Oct 15,2016 04:04 PM

IB doesnt count anything thats religious or political so...
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Sat Oct 15,2016 07:36 PM

Well some people in my class are also volunteering in churches and some are taking weekend classes for learning the Quran so that worked out for them :)
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Sun Oct 16,2016 03:56 PM

Nothing religious, where you're sermonizing or sharing religious beliefs, however you can work with your church doing good in a lay (non-religious) manner and I believe that would count.
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Mon Oct 17,2016 07:08 PM

You are just the media coordinator, nothing related to religion i guess

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