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Wed Oct 5,2016 04:21 PM

According to our teacher it is very rare and hard to get a 7 in HL psychology. It is true that it is hard and what should I do to get a 7 in HL psychology. Or should I just drop to SL to get a easier 7? Thankyou!
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Wed Oct 5,2016 08:25 PM

My friends are getting 7 in psychology HL its not rare, you have to work extremely hard to get it
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Fri Oct 7,2016 10:01 PM

Just make sure that if you drop, you do it before the IA, because SL and HL IA is a bit different
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Mon Oct 17,2016 01:05 PM

HL has one paper which is pretty subjective but in SL you just have to rote learn so you can easily score a 7 in SL. But its not very rare to score a 7 in HL either
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Sat Oct 29,2016 06:30 AM

I think I saw a statistic online that said only 3-4% of students in HL IB psychology get a 7 (although I doubt the source I got it from).
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Sat Jan 7,2017 12:46 PM

Not to freak you out but I was on a solid 7 for HL psych throughout the 2 years and I ended up with a 6...and I wrote some of my best essays in my final in exams as well. I'm sending it to be remarked.
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Thu Sep 7,2017 03:58 PM

Don't drop to SL the difference between SL and HL in psychology is minimal. Just studied hard and a 7 isn't as rare as you think

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