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-The effects of surface area and volume on diffusion. We did this with with agar, similar to jelly.

-Mapping tongue taste areas for sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sourness

-Lincoln Index (we collected snails with the capture-release-capture method)

-Genetics lab where we worked out the pheno- and genotype for a certain characteristic (like tongue rolling) for our family tree

-Elasticity of arteries and veins (using weights to determine how far they stretched)

-Digestion of starch

-Classifying plants according to the kingdom, phylum, etc.

-Food tests (Test for protein, fat, etc.)

-Yeast fermentation

Determining Vitamin C content in fruit and vegetable samples
The effect of Oxygen concentrations in air on plant growth/germination
Effect of an enzyme on animal tissues
The effects of different concentrations of gibberellin on seed germination and growth.
How does temperature affect the activity of enzyme amylase on starch?
The effects of different concentrations of alcohol on permeability of beet root cell membranes.

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