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Factors affecting refraction of light
projectile motion and factors affecting it
resonance of musical instruments- related to waves
reverberation of sound in large hall rooms
Magnetic field inside slinky!
Electromagnetic induction laws and some factors affecting it!
The relationship between water concentration and the speed of sound trough it.
The critical angle of refraction for differently shaped objects (increase in number of edges)
Tension of a string and the speed of sound through it
- Finding the acceleration due to gravity by using a pendulum bob.

- Finding the acceleration due to gravity using a falling mass.

- Investigating craters formed in sand; you could for example investigate how the diameter of the crater formed varies as the mass is dropped from greater heights.

- Investigate Hooke's law using different springs or you could even arrange two identical springs in a series and parallel arrangement and see how the extension of the springs varies as the force acting on them is varied.
- You could investigate a cantilever. For example investigating how the deflection of the cantilever varies as the forces acting on it are varied.
- You could investigate a bouncing ball; for example how the first rebounce height varies as the height from which the ball you use is varied.
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Or to gain more ideas just visit
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Check out for examples/samples or the official IB website!

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