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Sat Sep 17,2016 01:13 PM

Hello everyone! I am taking the PSAT in a year and SAT in 2, does anyone have any recommendations as to how to prepare for it?
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Sun Sep 18,2016 12:00 AM

Well your psat score isnt imp bc it doesnt count towards anything. For sat however, just practice sample questions like get a book from college board or barrons and just practice how their questions are formatted.
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Mon Sep 19,2016 07:36 PM

I would say it is beneficial to practice for PSAT since if you do well enough it could get you scholarship money
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Mon Sep 26,2016 12:07 AM

There is a scholarship for the PSAT if you're interested, called National Merit. I don't know so much about it, since it only applies to Americans (I'm Canadian), but I wouldn't worry about it that much. As for studying for it, I took my PSAT without preparing for it at all, and I got a good score (>1300) on it anyway. Whether you study for he PSAT or not doesn't really matter.

There are tons of study guides/books to the SATs, which I'm sure you can borrow from a library. satpractice.org is pretty cool, as it's tailored to give you practice problems in the areas you need help in the most. It's free too.
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Fri Oct 21,2016 11:28 AM

Thank you everyone!

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