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Sat Sep 10,2016 04:45 PM

One of my teachers said that she had heard from other teachers at trainings, that kids didn't want to do their CAS. I don't understand that because CAS seems super easy to do and why would you not get your diploma just because of that.
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Sat Sep 10,2016 06:13 PM

that's weird
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Mon Sep 12,2016 05:18 PM

Some people fake their CAS diaries because they believe CAS is a waste of time ahhahaha
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Sun Oct 9,2016 06:02 PM

I know right! I love community service and basically anything that involves a leadership role
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Fri Oct 21,2016 12:42 AM

In my class nobody likes CAS either! I'm involved. That's because it's not only about drawing a picture and/or helping the Red Cross. It's the proof you have to have, the formulas you have to write before making an experience, the reflections you have to write after doing it and everything in between!
I really don't like doing CAS, it takes up so much time and has so many restrictions and regulations.
It also has to fit into the 7 CAS outcomes and stuff... ugh!
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Thu Aug 3,2017 02:11 PM

@Our CAS teacher is really really strict, and I'm struggling with the reflections and planning because he keeps telling me it's not good enough, though I never really get exactly what needs to be better. I'm still struggling with the reflections of my first project, and I'm now starting the second year..

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