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Thu Aug 18,2016 01:51 PM

Hello, everyone! I am starting IB this year. Can you share with me your experiences through IB and tips to ace IB? Also, how do you keep motivated yourself for 2 years?
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Thu Aug 18,2016 07:54 PM

Hey! So at the junior year you think everything is pretty hard but as time passes you realise that what you thought hard is not hard anymore because especially in senior year everything becomes even harder. My motivation for IB is even though its challenging it gives you lot of opportunities to not fail. That might be the only good thing about having too many assignments. Even though you fail at idk your math exam, if you work hard for your exploration and get a good grade everything can be fine. So in other words it gives you a second chance.
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Sat Oct 1,2016 01:09 AM

Tip 1: manage your time well. Know your priorities and stick to them.
Tip 2: actively help others and they will help you back. Maybe even save you in desperate times.
Tip 3: be very careful about plagiarism.
Tip 4: Think about all the good reasons to do well for IB and your general future goals and aspirations, then write them down and stick them all over your study area to motivate you. Never forget the reasons why you joined IB in the first place.
Tip 5: maintain good relations with everyone (classmates, teachers, friends, family, cleaners, etc.) and don't get into any drama because it just wastes your time. Also because it makes you feel good when you have friends all around.
Tip 6: don't procrastinate for hmm....maximum 1-2weeks. It will kill your IB momentum, which will, at some periods of time, be the only thing keeping you going.
Tip 7: keep on practicing and thinking. Don't give up! :)
Tip 8: it's not all about studying and being dead set on your one big goal in life. Explore a little in all fields to test out your strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes. Helps you in life. There's always something to learn from everything.

I guess that's about it! Be open-minded and take care of your health :)

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