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Sun Jul 24,2016 06:46 PM

Does this subject combination sound too rigorous? If possble, please share some thoughts based on your experience with the subject(s).

English A2 HL
Econ HL
Math HL
Swedish A2 SL
Physics SL
Biology SL

Also, do top US uni's require math HL for economics?

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Mon Jul 25,2016 10:18 AM

By A2 do you mean language B or A? No, your choice is absolutely not rigorous - out of 'hard' HLs (Chemistry, History, Maths, Physics) you only have HL Math; which is undeniably a burden, certainly one you can surpass however. As for Math HL and top unis, the answer is absolutely. The top 10 unequivocally requires the subject, considering since in the first years many of the compulsory modules/topics are considerably maths-heavy, so require a good grip of Maths. Whether this 'grip' neccesitates the troubles of Math HL is arguable, yet what is not debatable is the requirement. Good luck! :)
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Mon Jul 25,2016 01:57 PM

Agree with above here, it's not rigorous. However, be careful with those two science SL subjects. By that, I mean don't underestimate them because they will still put a lot of work.

I took Math HL and I must say that the subject took most of my time in IB. However, I didn't actually need it for my uni so I didn't spend as much time as I should during exam week and focus on my two other HLs instead. Still manage to scrap a middle-low 6. I recommend practicing Math every single week if you really want to do well. Do ALL of your homework, practice past papers, and if you don't understanding something, ASK instead of letting it slip by because it's gonna snowball in the end.
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Sun Aug 7,2016 11:29 PM

In the end it depends what you want to do at Uni. Engineering and natural sciences often want HL maths, and economic courses tend to ask for HL maths too. However some of the U.K. Top 10 courses also accept SL maths grade 7 as a HL substitute should you wish to switch to SL which is what I've done to save my overall point score

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