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Sat Jul 16,2016 05:42 PM

I'm trying to get into Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics but I'm stuck on whether I should do HL Chem or HL Economics. I got a 98 in Pre-IB Economics this year and a 85 in general science. Which one is easier to get a 7 in and which one is better for university applications
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Sat Jul 16,2016 06:46 PM

Some highly competitive unis, like oxbridge, require maths and physics hl for engineering subjects and recommend an extra science subject hl. However, both chem and econ are pretty hard at hl, so it mostly depends from person to person what is harder (if you want some statistics: Btw have you considered compsci for electrical engineering?
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Sat Jul 16,2016 07:42 PM

^ not true. HL economics is considered one of the easier HLs you can take, thus getting a 7 in it is waaay easier than in chemistry. If it didn't make a difference, I'd definitely take HL econ over HL chem, not only considering difficulty (strategic move, maximizing your points - especially significant when applying to competitive unis) but also Econ is I find at HL and IB really interesting, relevant and fun! :)
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Sat Jul 16,2016 09:22 PM

As haniabar mentioned eco is considered one of the easier hl's, i have both chem and eco hl and eco is definitely less complicated , however referring to uni applications, you should definitely search around online for your major and what IB Hl's would be better.

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