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Fri Jul 15,2016 02:02 PM

I need to choose my subjects this year end as I'm starting my IB next year and I'm stuck between SL Chem and SL Bio... Personal preferences?
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Fri Jul 15,2016 02:14 PM

I just graduated having done both (HL though) and I'd say do bio - people regretted taking SL Chem since they didn't need it (for uni) and it was still really hard, and SL lacks the depth that you get in HL which actually helps make sense of it. SL bio is doable and won't require you to allocate as much time to it as Chem, so you can focus on your HL's more (Let me know if you'd like more info on either :) )
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Fri Jul 15,2016 02:16 PM

Haven't started the dp yet, starting after summer and I'm taking both at hl. Of what I understand bio is literally just memorizing stuff meanwhile chem is both memorizing and calculating stuff so if you like math chem will be good and also it's required at more programmes than bio in uni. But j would suggest to adjust after what you find more interesting
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Fri Jul 15,2016 02:17 PM

Also, my teacher who's also teaching ib said that hl bio is easier that sl because you cover the material twice in more depth which makes it easier to understand
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Sat Jul 16,2016 07:41 AM

I took both of them HL and honestly it depends on yourself, if your good at memorizing go for biology, if your good at understanding and doing alot of practice questions go for chem
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Thu Jul 21,2016 05:02 AM

If you want to study anything to do with science, I'd highly recommend chem. I just realised that if I want to take biomed I would have to take a chem class outside of school to make up for it.
It honestly depends on what uni courses you want to do :)
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Thu May 18,2017 06:18 AM

Personally, chose both of them HL. Throughout the year, if you find it difficult on one of the subject, then change it to SL. It is harder to change from SL to HL later on the year. if you have HL from the start it would be easier. Worse case scenario, you just change the subject to SL and you need to be ready for the SL test. Both SL papers for chem and bio is easier than HL for sure.

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