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Sun Jul 3,2016 11:40 PM

I'm starting IB this year and kinda have no idea subjects wise what I've got myself into :)

I've finished my GCSE exams and I'm pretty sure I've got an A/ maybe A* in Spanish but idk how much that means when the level of Spanish is much higher in the IB. I'm by no means fluent and will definitely not be close to fluent anytime soon :/

I really enjoy Spanish, and it seems like a decent course but the syllabus has really been no help for me deciding whether my Spanish is good enough to do it HL haha. Will it still be improving my grammar, vocabulary as well as studying Spanish books and culture.. Ect?

Any help would be muchly appreciated <3
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Mon Jul 4,2016 03:10 AM

If you are no where close to fluent, don't do HL. It would be best if you would do ab intio. However if you would like you could try SL. But if you really believe that you are not that fluent, ab intio would be the best choice.
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Mon Jul 4,2016 07:28 AM

I'm not even close to be to fluent but my teacher recommended me to take Spanish SL so ahah you don't have to be fluent, but yeah I would recommend SL and not hl although according to my teacher hl papers were easier this year than SL
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Mon Jul 4,2016 02:47 PM

in reply to the people above, if you have a previous qualification such as a GCSE, you unfortunately cannot take ab initio spanish.

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