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Sun Jun 26,2016 12:15 AM

I'm entering my final year of pre IB and to end pre IB we have a "personal project " and it's a project of anything that we work all year on, has anyone done it? Where do you start?

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Sun Jun 26,2016 04:33 AM

Yes, I finished my last year in the MYP program about a month ago. I creatively advocated for the LGBTQ+ community using art and writing. To start I would say start your process journal either online or in a notebook or wherever you feel comfortable. Just record what your feeling about what you might want to do and how you feel about the multitude of the project. If you have a supervisor I would also suggest you email them about the ideas you have or things that you're interested in. They can help you come up with great ideas. If not then find a friend or an adult who can help you come up with something/help you sort out your thoughts. Keep coming back to the process journal around every month and record what has advanced since the last time. As you figure out what you want to do start researching and making a more detailed plan and timeline. The main thing is keep a good process journal. It really helps when you have to write a report on what you did at the end. Hope this helps. If you have any more question my Instagram username is @julianabigelow
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Sun Jun 26,2016 03:21 PM

Did it last year. I made a hand drawn animation on exoplanets and composed the background music for the animation. I would say pick something that you are genuinely interested in since the PP is a long project. I can't stress enough the importance of meeting deadlines. Just meet deadlines and don't procrastinate. Many people in my school left it to the last minute (on top of midterms) and I highly do not recommend that. Also, just get whatever you can done ASAP since you also have to balance school + life. Good luck :)
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Thu Jul 7,2016 12:38 PM

Ive done it! its a hell of work and was is really good preparation for the IB next year
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Mon Aug 1,2016 09:18 PM

Did it as well, this year, I would say to start with a topic you love, make sure you're really interested in it because you will be stuck with this for the next year, also do not procrastinate on writing your report, that is the most important part of personal project. Make sure you edit it, review it, get feedback on it in advance to the due date, it will help a lot.
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Mon Aug 1,2016 09:47 PM

Thank you so much everyone! All very helpful!!

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