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Mon Jun 13,2016 03:35 PM

I would want some assistance for VA subject so as to some points or things we should keep in mind so that we could score good in all the three components. Comparative Study, Process Portfolio and Exhibition.
If anybody could help me with that?
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Sun Jun 19,2016 04:10 PM

Just work hard.
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Sat Aug 27,2016 07:18 PM

My school feedback this year said that having really references is always really important. Making connections with all your exhibitions pieces. Your sketchbook pages should have about 50% drawing and 50% writing. Let me know if you want any other advice.
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Mon Feb 27,2017 06:40 AM

Put literally EVERYTHING in your diary. And I mean everything. The examiners need to be able to see all your mental processes and how you got to the final product, so just put everything in there. Doesn't matter if you finish one book in your first year, just go into another one.

Choose artists from a range of time periods and cultural backgrounds for your comparative.

Think a lot about your exhibition and how you want to present it, and if that influences how you want it to be seen. Try to make it personal.
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Sun Nov 12,2017 11:40 PM

Don’t leave shit to the last minute, you can tell from ur work, people who have rushed it. You can’t rush good art! Always stay on top of ur process portfolio and document everything!!!! Soooo important

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