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Mon Jun 6,2016 05:34 AM

Hey so I'm at a school where we can chose to do the IBDP, just wondering if it is compulsory for your school to do it or if you can chose to do it? :)
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Mon Jun 6,2016 05:54 AM

My school allows us to choose as well
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Mon Jun 6,2016 06:34 AM

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Mon Jun 6,2016 06:51 AM

We can choose
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Mon Jun 6,2016 06:52 AM

Whole school, no other alternatives for Y12/13
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Mon Jun 13,2016 02:20 AM

In Cape Breton, there is one school with the choice to do IB on the whole island... So in answer it's a choice, which many have made despite lengthy commutes for them
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Mon Jun 13,2016 08:45 PM

at my school you can choose, and it's basically completely separate from the rest of the school

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