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Sun Jun 5,2016 03:05 PM

I have never had psychology as a class, and in the new school I'm moving to I plan on taking HL Psychology. Is it a very tough course?
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Mon Jun 6,2016 05:29 AM

If you know how to write and structure essay responses (long and short) and remember studies and dates and names (content) then it is isn't that tough
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Mon Jun 6,2016 08:19 PM

If you are good at memorizing and you can write well it is an awesome class. If you can't do those things it will be challenging but it will teach you to do those things. Personally I love it!
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Thu Jun 30,2016 06:15 PM

Oh god, I have never had psychology and I chose HL ... I person think it seems really interesting but I'm also hella scared .. I don't know what to expect
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Sun Aug 28,2016 11:00 PM

The biggest thing about HL psych is that you can't expect do be good at writing psych essays and saq's right off the bat. It takes a lot of practice
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Tue Oct 18,2016 10:09 AM

My recommendation is don't take Psychology (also at SL) if you haven't done it before. It is a great subject and I have a great teacher but it is extremely difficult. The course is rigorous and although the textbook is actually 400 pages long, you have to read each and every Psychology study there is (612 I counted myself). And each published study is roughly 30 pages in length. Your choice. Choose widely.
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Sat Oct 29,2016 06:29 AM

In response to the last post:
In my opinion Psychology isn't that hard. You can study some studies that can fit under SO MANY questions. I like to extend my knowledge and find quirky studies for some topics (e.g: for brain scans we had to do a project and I researched a tiny study on a hyperlexic boy).
In my class we only have to have the small study guide. I'm thinking about getting the proper textbook -- just don't let the big textbook throw you off. You don't have to remember that much in detail.
Get the basics and build on it. :)

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