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Sun Jun 5,2016 09:53 AM

Or just Art in general if you want to go into medicine?
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Sun Jun 5,2016 12:52 PM

If it's a class you want to take I don't see why not, so long as you also have sciences that can help you with your profession. IB wants an art credit anyhow, helps with the "well rounded" student thing.
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Sun Jun 5,2016 12:53 PM

Hi, I am a Student graduating next year and planning to go to study medicine in the UK. The important thing is that you take chemistry HL and math HL/SL. Most universities in the UK require at least 1 science HL and an other science HL or math HL. If you decide to take 2 sciences HL you won't be able to take art. I suggest you take Bio and Chem HL because other universities require bio instead of chem HL, and if you have both you are more likely to get accepted.
Art on the other hand does not really help you to get in medicine so take it only if you have an empty place
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Sun Jun 5,2016 05:22 PM

Art is of a greater importance than merely a ticket to university; it is a key to a fulfilled life. Part of the IBO's description of the course is that it was designed for people searching for "lifelong fulfillment through the arts".

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