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Tue May 31,2016 06:22 AM

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well in exams and Yr11s are preparing for summer :)

I need some help with paper 2... does anyone know where I can find past papers? And do you have any tips?
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Tue May 31,2016 08:18 AM

It depends on the option you will be doing. There are 4 options I think.
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Tue May 31,2016 01:37 PM

our school is doing option 4, OOP
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Tue Jun 14,2016 09:53 PM

OOP is hideous
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Thu Nov 17,2016 10:24 AM

Paper 2 is all about programming. If you don't master programming now, you better get started yesterday.
Programming is a subject that grows on you. It is not something you can learn overnight. I got a 7 in HL and currently in a MSci CS University course.
I suggest that you practice your programming by doing a mini-project every week, eg. hangman, sudoku, checkers, check etc.
Learn Insertion, Selection and bubblesort by heart - and BE ABLE TO IMPLEMENT IT.
The OOP part must be treated equally. Do a small project every week, eg. booking system for a hotel, advanced queue systems etc.

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