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Wed May 25,2016 12:30 PM

Hello, so I want to be a doctor and so I'm taking HL bio and Chem... does anyone have any tips on handling those two subjects especially the latter and do well? Thanks!
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Wed May 25,2016 06:28 PM

be organized with your notes! I suggest getting a binder for each subject and keeping every single paper handed out by your teacher, it will really help. biology is not hard, but there is a lot of things to know, and if you're organized you'll be fine. chemistry is a bit more difficult, but if you make a formula sheet for every equation and formula you get over the two years, your work will be cut in half as you're studying for you exam, as does paying attention in class.. take care, and find something you like in each subject, it will be a lot less difficult!
a straight 7 HL chemistry and bio student
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Wed May 25,2016 08:00 PM

Agreed, just make REALLY nice notes because it makes revision a lot easier and faster
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Fri May 27,2016 03:12 PM

I just took the Chem test a few weeks ago, I would recommend really studying the options. I found paper 2 to be the most difficult of all the papers, but thanks to the options I felt pretty good when it was all over. Knowing the options backwards and forwards can go a long way in ensuring that you do well on your IB test.
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Sun May 29,2016 06:40 AM

I also have bio and chem! A great study tip for chem is to watch videos at msjchem.com! And bio is all about memorization, so flash cards are a good idea!
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Sun May 29,2016 04:30 PM

Biology: search up Alex Lee in YouTube for topics you don't understand. DO NOT leave everything to the last minute. STUDY your tests and mocks as if they were your real exams. This will HELP your final revision for the actual exams later on. With the new syllabus, pay attention to the small bits such as Application and Skills. You will NEED to know a LOT of stuff but not necessarily every single detail (except for processes in the HL topics such as photosynthesis, respiration, reproduction etc). And don't skim the SL topics, there are small little information, especially in the Application and Skills, that people usually aren't aware off.

Chemistry: search up Richard Thornley or go to msjchem to revise. Msjchem is great for last minute revision since it's basicallly the Pearson textbook in video form so it'll save time from reading the whole book. PAY ATTENTION TO CLASS. It's VERY important to do this in Chemistry. Make sure that you don't leave the class with questions. Ask them RIGHT AWAY. It'll make your life MUCH easier. Also, PRACTICE. Understand how to work with different word problems in experiments. You basically need to master stoichiometry. There aren't a whole lot of memorization in Chemistry EXCEPT Organic Chem. The other topics are less on memorization and more on understanding.
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Sun May 29,2016 04:48 PM

If you are going to take both sciences, I recommend you to took biochemistry. I also did bio and Chem and biochemistry has a lot in common with bio (I think you can figure it out just by the option name "BIOchemistry").
I didn't study the option so much, because I already new almost all of it thanks to bio, and I did very well on paper 3, so I highly recommend you taking it.

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