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Sun May 22,2016 11:38 AM

Hello everyone!!
I'm starting DP next year so I need to choose my subjects now.
I've been learning French for 4 years and I don't find it hard.
However, I've never read a book in French.
I would like to know how taking French B HL is and if it is really hard and time consuming!!
Thank you x
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Sun May 22,2016 01:48 PM

I just finished IB, and I took French B HL. I felt more than prepared for the exams, including the oral. Reading books is not that bad - it may be confusing because you may not be familiar with a lot of the words, wording, and expressions, but the repetition of exposing yourself to those and reinforcing grammar rules and stuff like that solidifies your understanding. Your teacher will help you understand the novel(s), don't worry. The course isn't too time-consuming, but that really depends on your teacher tbh. You'll acquire the skills you need, like reading comprehension and essay-writing from doing practice paper 1s and 2s respectively. My advice is to stay ahead of the game - study in your free time and learn as much as you can; listen to French radio, read French books, and expose yourself to French culture online or in person. I played Pokémon in French haha. You'll learn a lot so don't worry, I'm sure you'll do well :)
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Sun May 22,2016 06:58 PM

Thank you soooo much! The problem is that I'm taking Bio and Chem HL as well so I hope I'll have enough time to achieve at least 5/6!

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