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Fri Dec 18,2020 06:58 AM

Hello! I am a May 2019 IBDP graduate, currently studying premedicine, and I am selling the study notes that I produced in the following subjects. I studied solely from these notes for my exams and I scored very high grades. Some of the notes are typed, while others are handwritten and scanned. These notes are an excellent resource for both teachers and students. Additionally, I’ll be selling some of my IAs as well as my TOK essay. Please note that these are for the sole purpose of guidance; copying them counts as plagiarism and will make you fail the IB.

Payment is via PayPal. After the payment is made, I will immediately share the notes with you on Google Drive. Please send me a message on WhatsApp if you’re interested. My number is +961 81 855 902!

Chemistry HL (incl. Option D - Medicinal Chemistry) - €12/$13

Chemistry HL/SL lab reports - €10/$11

Biology HL (incl. Option D - Human Physiology) - €12/$13

Biology HL IA - €12/$13

English A Lit HL - €12/$13

English A Lit HL IA - €12/$13

Business management SL (incl. CUEGIS) - €12/$13

Business management SL IA - €12/$13

Math SL - €12/$13

TOK (my essay, outline and proposal) - €10/$11

CAS document (online CAS activity ideas + links to online volunteering) - €5/$6

Please don’t hesitate to message me for more samples.

I am also happy to offer any advice or guidance you may need in these subjects if you purchase anything (free), like how to study, make schedules, plan your IA...

Thank you for your time.

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