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Tue Sep 8,2020 12:04 PM

hello, does anyone have a template or something in order for me to start writing my TOK presentation? my teacher barely helps us and does not even respond to my emails. Any kind of help will be appreciated ❤️
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Thu Sep 10,2020 10:00 PM

Yeah same. And our teacher doesn’t want to help us and he literally said that. So I need to find hava a template or something that can help me too :/
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Sun Sep 20,2020 02:48 AM

Hey! I did my presentation last school year, and we didn’t have as much help as you have. However, my teacher did mention this link: https://ibmastery.mykajabi.com/blog/how-to-structure-a-theory-of-knowledge-tok-presentation

Feel free to check it out, my friend and I used it for structuring my presentation and I think it was simply put. Good luck !

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