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Sun Jul 26,2020 04:23 AM

I'm writing my cat 2b English B EE, and I could barely find any samples that scored high. Is it harder for this subject to score an A? Do any of you have a high scoring one that don't mind sharing? Or if you scored low, did u choose the same category and why do u think u scored low? Thank u so much!!
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Thu Aug 6,2020 08:44 PM

I'm not too sure how useful my advice will be, considering I only took HL Language and Litterature classes, but here goes. It seems as though category 2B for language acquisition EEs tend to need more thorough research and can be more complicated because of IB's definition of a cultural artifact. You must also make sure whether the language being analyzed and the cultural artifact you decide to use for your essay is relevant to the area you'll be writing about it. Here are a couple of links that could help you out a bit more in case you haven't seen them already. This link (https://www.ibdocuments.com/IB%20SUBJECT%20GUIDES/Core%20-%20Extended%20Essay/Extended%20Essay%20Guide%202018%20-%20English.pdf) is a comprehensive guide for the EE in general. Starting from page 126, there's EE advice specific to language acquisition essays, including advice for category 2B. This link (https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/extendedessay/apps/dpapp/sample.html?doc=d_0_eeyyy_gui_1602_1_e&part=1&chapter=3&sample-index=4) has some sample EE and 2 EEs in the same category as yours. You'll be able to access the RPPF, the essay, marks and evaluator comments. I know this information is pretty general but I hope that this can help you out. Good luck with your EE :)

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