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Wed Apr 15,2020 10:30 PM

Our teacher said we are going to start doing IA now because he can’t give us test as we have online school. We can only choose experiments that can be done online and I would prefer not doing something related to memory. What do you suggest?

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Mon Apr 20,2020 09:52 PM

Well, for my Psych HL IA, I did the framing effect by replicating a Tversky experiment. It was rather simple as I just had participants fill out a 5-minute questionnaire online that gave two seemingly different situations. Then, I just compiled the data and analyzed it. Therefore, I would suggest that you study cognitive biases for your IA. They often have many studies on which you can base your IA and they are among the simplest IAs to execute. If you have any more questions or would like to know more about procedure possibilities, feel free to reply to this comment. I hope that this was useful :)

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