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Mon Apr 6,2020 07:07 PM

I’m just confused about the structure of the presentation. For the “development section” our knowledge question is assessed with regards to our AOK and WOK. But what I don’t understand is the part where for each AOK of WOK, students need to make a claim, counterclaim and mini conclusion.

What does it mean by for each AOK or WOK?
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Tue Apr 7,2020 11:31 AM

During your presentation u have to make clear that the final conclusion you are going to give suits for other situations apart from the main one u chose. So u have to put other examples and make a mini conclusion on each of them to make clear your final conclusion and that it can be used in other situations.

Cause is important u don’t focus just in the example of real life u chose u have to focus on giving an answer to the question.

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