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Thu Mar 26,2020 10:44 AM

Hey IB students :)

I'm Nick, an IB graduate who scored a perfect 45/45 and Dux of the top IB School in Australia, which contained 9 students who all scored 45 in the 2018 Exams. Against this strong competition, I won first in subject prizes in Mathematics, Physics, Economics, History, Classical Latin, and Theory of Knowledge.

My final exams results were 7s in all subjects I took (HL Mathematics, Economics, English Literature | SL Physics, Latin, History) and As in both Theory of Knowledge (27/30) and my Extended Essay in Classical Latin. I scored on average 10 marks over the required grade 7 boundary in each subject, demonstrating the highest levels of achievement.

Apart from tutoring students all around the world, I’m reading Economics this year at the University of Cambridge.


Tailored IB subject tutoring in:

Math AA and AI SL/HL (and the Statistics and Probability HL Option)

English Literature/Language and Literature SL/HL

Economics SL/HL

Physics SL/HL

Latin SL

History SL

Detailed help for planning and reviewing Theory of Knowledge Essays, based on in depth knowledge of what examiners are looking for.

I have tutored students of all abilities - whether you're currently at a 3/4 and want to move up to a 5/6, or operating at a high band 6 and need to polish your exam technique to secure a 7, I can get you there. Individual sessions can cover content revision to fill in any gaps of understanding, exam practice to highlight the most important question types of each subject and perfect exam technique, creating and drafting the perfect IA topics, or anything else you wish to cover.

I charge $60 Australian Dollars an hour (approximately 31 Euro, 28 GBP, 36 USD) for tutoring over Skype. This includes full access to my IAs, many of which scored full marks, and direct contact with me via email 24/7 to answer any questions outside of sessions.

Please DM me on the smart IBapp or leave a comment if you're interested or would like further details. No matter if you're just starting IB1 or about to sit the May 2019 Exams, together we can get you the best marks possible!

Wishing you all the best for the rest of your IB journey - just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and all the hard work you put in now will be rewarded many times over when all is said and done :)
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Mon May 25,2020 01:33 AM

Hello, I would want tok help
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Mon May 25,2020 10:53 PM

@pedroelias16 could you please email me
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Tue Jun 2,2020 09:19 AM

Hello, would it be possible to have classes for math AA with you multiple times a week as I am at the end of my first year.
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Tue Jun 30,2020 08:26 AM

@Shana sorry for the late response - let me know if you’re still interested by emailing me at

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