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Sun Feb 23,2020 01:42 PM

I have a no idea how to do well on this may 2020 French exam. I’m taking french b SL and like I i struggle at reading comprehensions so badly and my listening. Someone please provide advice!
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Mon Mar 2,2020 10:09 PM

These are some basic tips, but get yourself some easy, thin French books (usually used for mid-end elementary school children in France) and read those, looking up words and writing them down when you don’t know them. Then reread the book again. This helped me a lot! Also try and watch your fav series on Netflix with either French subtitles or in French itself so you know what’s happening (as you’ve seen it in English before, but you gain listening and conversational skills). This are some things that you could try that aren’t very academic related and ‘fun’ to do. Hope this helps!

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