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Fri Feb 14,2020 07:05 AM

Hello! I am forecasting this week for my first year of the IB Diploma Program and I wanted to get some opinions on my chosen class schedule. In the future, I want to go to college for forensic psychology or something related to psychology/biology in some way. I’ve also listed the classes my school offers in case you want to make some suggestions, thanks!

Group 1: Language and Literature
-IB Language and Literature SL/HL
Group 2: Language Acquisition
-IB French SL
-IB Spanish SL/HL
Group 3: Individuals and Societies
-IB Global Politics SL/HL
-IB Economics SL (1-Year Only)
-IB World Religions SL (1-Year Only)
Group 4: Experimental Sciences
-IB Physics SL/HL
-IB Biology SL/HL
-IB Chemistry SL
-IB Environmental Systems & Societies SL (1-Year Only)
-IB Design Technology SL (1-Year Only)
Group 5: Mathematics
-IB Math Applications & Interpretations SL
-IB Math Analysis & Approaches SL/HL
Group 6: The Arts/Choice
-IB Visual Art SL/HL
-IB Music SL
-IB Theater HL

This is my chosen schedule:
IB Lang & Lit HL
IB Spanish SL
IB Economics SL (1-Year)
IB Biology HL
IB Math Analysis & Approaches SL
IB Visual Art HL
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Thu Feb 27,2020 01:02 AM

You could do Environmental as your 6th or 3rd group. This will help in BIO HL as you get a head start in vocab for half the sections as well as how to write a science related IA

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