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Wed Jan 29,2020 07:40 PM

Hey! I’m a current sophomore planning to forecast for Full IB, but I’m only in Spanish II. My IB coordinator said I could either take one year of IB Spanish SL and test, or I could skip Spanish III and take IB Spanish SL for two years. What’s the best option?
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Fri Jan 31,2020 02:03 PM

Well, if you're looking for the IB diploma, I would suggest that you skip Spanish III and take IB Spanish SL for two years. There's already a lot of stress that comes with IB like the HL content, the EE, the IAs, etc.. So, you shouldn't be putting the additional stress of learning all the Spanish SL content in one year when you could have two. I personally believe that it would be easier to learn the content of Spanish III on your own time to prepare for Spanish SL than it would be to take your time with Spanish III and rush Spanish SL. However, this is solely my opinion. In the end, it's your decision so I hope that the insight I have given will help you make a good decision. Best of luck with your decision :)
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Fri Jan 31,2020 09:52 PM

If you want the diploma, take SL two years. If you want less stress overall, take SL the first year so you have an exam out of the way for senior year. Spanish isn’t that hard, but having another exam to worry about is stressful enough. Take some extra time to study spanish in Junior year throughout the time and you should be able to pass (I’m taking a 3 or 4 when I say pass)

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