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Thu Jan 23,2020 06:25 PM

Hi everyone! So I’m starting a new project where I’m organizing a trip to Spain for my friends and I. The goal is to improve on my sled management skills and generally learn how to plan a trip with implications such as finances ect.
I was wondering under what strand that falls, creativity, action or service? Or should I change my goal a little to fit any of these categories?
Any tips are welcome :)
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Thu Jan 23,2020 09:59 PM

I’m not sure if this is CAS at all tbh ... or maybe I’m just missing your point. What community are you serving? (Yourself and your friends for going on a trip or will you be doing volunteer work there?)
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Sun Jan 26,2020 04:01 AM

That sounds like a lot of fun. At the moment, I’m not sure if it meets any of the strands just yet, but with a little tweaking I think you could get there. For example, you could say that in Spain you will go for hikes, which could make it Activity. You could also create a brochure of sorts, outlining your budget and potential activities, which could be Creativity. As mentioned by @1mensinkm, if you’re doing any volunteer work there, that could also be service.

Have fun on your trip!
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Mon Jan 27,2020 03:17 AM

I think that planning and organizing the trip would be creativity and maybe you could create an itinerary of things to do as that would be creativity as well but that’s just my opinion :)

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